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 Technical Data

MAGNATECH part Number Force (N) Operating Current (A) DutyCycle (%) Volatage
IN-MT42-CU-a 2.0 3A 30.0 24V DC
IN-MT42-CU-b 2.5 2A 30.0 24V DC
IN-MT42-CU-c 3.5 1A 30.0 24V DC


Design Drawing



High Performance Construction
DC solenoids applications only
Standard push and pull versions available
Push or Pull, on/off operation
Economical design tailored to high volume applications
Well suited to lock/latch operations
Average power consumption; moderate force output Imperial and metric units
Multiple plunger designs and shaft end configurations
Magnetic latching model





Solenoids in the Banking Industry
Solenoids in Blood Analysis
Solenoids in Fluid Analysis
Solenoids in Beverage Dispensing Machines
Solenoids in Food Packing
Solenoids in Food Processing Sorters
Solenoids in Locking Mechanisms
Solenoids used as Electric Door Locks




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