Key Industry Segments

As science and technology grows by leaps and bounds, so does the effective use of technology in almost all segments of industrialization. The result is continuous evolution of newer electrical and electronic products worldwide. And further, almost all electronic devices require power supply and other magnetic components as part of its robust design thus creating a huge market for magnetic components. Additionally, the magnetic components become an essential part of products used in measuring and controlling electronic signals.

MagnaTech has been involved in design, development and supply of such magnetic components in several industry segments for more than a decade now. A few key segments are as follows:

Aerospace IndustryAerospace

  • Lighting Transformers for passenger Aircraft
  • Transformers and Inductors for combat systems
    (Surface, Water & Airbase systems)

Locomotive IndustryLocomotive

  • Transmitter and Receiver coils for Railways
  • Other Inductive components used in Railways

Wind InsustryWind Energy

  • Alternate source of electrical energy

Electronics IndustryIndustrial Electronics

  • Process control equipment
  • Energy measurement and protection equipment

Telecom IndustryTelecommunication

  • Impedance matching Transformers
  • Power supply transformers for communication equipment
  Medical IndustryMedical Electronics
  • X ray Equipment
  • Bed side Monitors
  • Dental Equipment

Appliances Industry Home Appliances

  • Chokes for Washing machine, vacuum cleaners

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