Staff Events

On a regular basis, we conduct a number of good entertainment activities for employees such as

  • Suggestion day. (Every Month).
  • Cricket and Athletics. (Every Six months).

Suggestion scheme

  • On the occasion of suggestion day we love to have every employee give us suggestions with regards to their opinion towards companies’ improvements and developments. They will take initiative by giving good suggestions.
  • On the suggestion day every employee will compulsorily participate and willingly give their views on organization improvement. From among the suggestions received we then select three best suggestions and for those selected employee will be facilitated with rewards.




Cricket and Athletics                                                       

  • To show our employee potential we divide them into teams and take them on fieid for sportive events like athletics and cricket etc. These are cheerful moments where employees participate actively and eagerly.. Every employee tries to give their best of best performance during these events.
  • Finally by these activities they themselves get motivated and have proper coordination between them and highlighting good qualities of leadership, decision making role and builds empowerment inside and outside of the organization.



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