About Us

 Established in 1996, Magnatech has been on the forefront of electrical and electronics product manufacturing industry at Bangalore.

Our Vision

"... To create a truly global brand that provides growth opportunities for the organization, employees, and achieving the goal of becoming the number one across the entire globe ..."


Our Mission

  • To be innovative, cost effective, globally competitive and surpass the customers' expectations
  • Satisfying our customers is not enough; we want to delight them by offering solutions that make their business very successful.
  •  Maintaining reliable long-term relationships with clients, suppliers and other stake holders
  •  A company where employees can grow, change & work as a team to create value, through mutual appreciation & trust
  •  To be passionate about our corporate social responsibility as an essential & responsible member of the society


Our Values

ValuesDelivering high quality products to our customers, under any circumstance.

•      Developing trustworthy and reliable relationships with our customers that leads to be considered us as “partners in business”.

•      Providing an employee friendly work place that fosters excellence in work.

Our Commitment

Basically we focus on three main commitments

  • Product Commitment.

This occurs when customers are convinced that no other offer or company could do a better job of meeting their needs. We look forward to our customer being totally satisfied and their toughest needs having been met. When customers feel that our products are of best quality with greater life span this increases our self-confidence much more and overall it shows our commitment to our valued customers.

  • Relational Commitment

Our valued customers become attached to our company’s people. An emotional tie is formed with individuals as well as work groups. The customers enjoy a healthy but professional relationship with our management being reliable, competent, empathic and responsive.

  • Value Based Commitment

Our business is based upon trusted and integrity that is never compromised and that is how we ensure customer satisfaction. We continue to expand our commitment in world-wide marketing by providing products and services designed to support an ever growing customer’s needs.



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