Production Unit

MagnaTech-India produces all it products in its own manufacturing facilities. MagnaTech-India started its operation in the year 1996 at Bangalore, India. Since its inception the company has been focusing on design and development of high quality Transformers, Inductors, coils and other wound components for various electrical and electronic applications. With our State-of-the-art manufacturing facility we are capable of executing small and medium volume requirements.

MagnaTech-India - Production UnitMagnaTech-India - Production Shop


MagnaTech-India has its own testing facilities using which all the basic and even special testing requirements are met in-house. MagnaTech-India production shop boasts of a large number of automated winding systems that facilitate accurate and high speed winding requirements.


MagnaTech-India - Production ShopMagnaTech-India - Production Shop


Core Strength

MagnaTech-India has many engineering design, development and testing facilities including:

  • Strong in-house design capability
  • Custom designed solutions
  • State-of-art manufacturing facility
  • Cost effective engineering solutions
  • Wide range of magnetics



MagnaTech-India takes extra care to provide the most efficient outbound transportation on a global scale.

Our logistics services include:

  • Efficient transportation from manufacturing site to customer
  • Special packaging based on customer needs
  • Identifying the right logistics partner based on customer comfort.


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